The Vrbas museum in Ždánice has mainly a regional character. It comprises 19 permanent expositions with over 5000 exhibits located on the ground floor of the Renaissance castle, which was built in 1569.


The museum was founded by Jakub Vrbas, Ždánice´s teacher and historian. His first collection was based on the finds of Ždánice´s notary, JUDr. Martin Kříž, a notable archaeologist.In 1940 the museum was opened for public in the old town hall and in 1946 it was moved to the castle.

One part of the museum is the castle chapel from 1539.

In the archaeological collection there are finds and excavations from the surroundings from the Neolithic Age to the Early and High Middle Ages, e. g. a fossil mammoth tusk and cave bear´s teeth. In this part of the exhibition visitors can also see flags and standards of guilds.
The exhibition of science presents geological development of the region and a large collection of butterflies, beetles, birds, mammals and trophies of the castle gentry.
The technical section involves 10 moving models, e. g.models of an old village, steam locomobile, industrial steam engine, wind pump or water and wind mills. A working tower clockwork from the local church is also to be found there.
Remarkable exhibits are those remembering General Laudon, who resided in the castle villa.
Another large collection comprises items reminding of the castle owners – the Lichtenstein family and an enterpreneur,
Dr. Erwin Seidl.
There are pieces of beautiful furniture, pictures, works of art, and other precious exhibits, e. g. General Laudon´s uniform.
In the ethnographical exhibition visitors can admire the folk costumes from Ždánice and the nearby villages.
The collecttion of ceramics displays precious china, majolic and faience pieces and also products of local potters and jug makers.
One of the sections of the museum is devoted to Napoleon. Visitors can see a part of the trunk with bark of the memorable „Napoleon lime tree“, under which on 4 December 1805 Napoleon and Franz I negotiated an armistice after the battle of Austerlitz.


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Adults CZK 30.00
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Admission free for handicapped people and teachers on duty.