Nature trail trough Ždánický les

      The nature trail through the Ždánický les crosses the total vertical distance of 219 m. The lowest spot is the starting point at the bus station in Ždánice (218 m above sea level), the highest point is a spot on the main ridge of the Ždánický les near the hilltop called U slepice 

     The total length of the nature trail is (without diversions to stops 4 and 10) is 13,440 m. The maximum length with the diversions is 17,700 m.



No. Topic Description
1 Basic information General map of the nature trail, information about
the trail and the present of Ždánice.
2 We are entering
Ždánický les
Instruction about behaviour in the forest
and problems of landscape conservation and formation.
3 History of Ždánice History of Ždánice and Palánek.
4 Geomorfology On the edge of the forest with a nice view of the country,
there is a board with a panoramic picture of the landscape.
5 Reservoir biotope General information about water ecosystem,
water fauna and flora.
6 Forest biotope Forestry and fytocenology problems.
7 Geological
Near a small recess in the hillside,
which partly reveals the soil profile, there is a board
about geological and pedological conditions
of the Ždánický les. Information about history
of pottery in the region is added.
8 Mycology Mycology of the Ždánický les.
9 Entomology Entomological objects of interest in the region.
10 Jordánek well At the adapted and roofed well you are informed about
hydrology in the region and a specific phenomenon
of the locality – submersion of the Jordánek stream
approx. 100 m from the spring.
11 Gamekeeping Information about gamekeeping with pictures
of some game species (mammals and birds,
silhouettes of flying birds of prey).
12 Flora At the remains of an old memorial you are informed
about botanic conditions of various ecosystems.
13 Pond on Jordánek Information about fishing based on pictures
of species of fish appearing in the region.
14 Basic information
about nature trail
and Lovčice
General map of the nature trail, information
about the trail and history and
the present of Lovčice.
15 Oil and gas
Information about exploitation of hydrocarbons
as raw materials. Oil extraction by
Moravské naftové doly, a.s. Hodonín,
in the Ždánický les and processing
the raw material in Ždánice.
16 Protected
Outline of unique endangered species of animals and plants.
17 Bezdýnka The locality is called after Bezdýnka well.
Children´s summer camps have been organized
near it since 1971.
18 Haluzická
hájenka camp
The camp is used by the youth centre in Ždánice
for year-round stays of children and their parents.